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All the information you need in order to understand and apply for judicial clerkships.

Clerkship Announcements

Apply for a NJ Clerkship now through the NJ Portal:

Clerking is always a smart way to start your career.  Now more than ever we encourage you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.  Many employers are seeking candidates with 1-2 years of experience.  Clerking gives you the start employers want when they hire!

Use the Application Material and New Jersey tabs for sample application materials, tips and FAQs.  

Letters of Recommendations: For applications submitted through the NJ Clerkship Portal or Oscar: CSO will automatically upload your letters of recommendation once you have applied.  For clerkships requiring application via email or mail: please contact CSO so that we can forward your letters of recommendation.  When you send us this request please send the complete address information for your judge.  If you are sending a request for more than 1-2 judges, please send a spreadsheet with the judges names and addresses. 

You can find additional information about requesting and submitting letters of recommendation on the Application Materials tab of this guide.

Alumni Clerkship Panel

Hear alumni discuss their experience clerking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clerkship Timeline

A word about timing:  The timelines below reflect the official timing of clerkship opportunities.  It is important to remember that like any employer, judges are continually on the lookout for outstanding talent.  In the past, Drexel students who have worked with a judge during their 1L summer have received post-graduate offers from those judges as early as the summer before their 2L year.  Federal judges in particular often hire earlier than the timeline suggests.  If you want to clerk in a particular court or county, look for opportunities to connect with those judges.  Let faculty know that you are interested in clerking and always take the opportunity to connect with court staff and current law clerks about potential upcoming opportunities. 


Clerkship Timing

New Jersey

Mid-June the year before you graduate

Students can begin accessing the NJ Application Portal in spring the year before they graduate. The application officially opens in mid-June when judges can begin reviewing applications. While earlier is best, especially for appellate clerkships, hiring by NJ Judges continues throughout the year.  If you are a 3L interested in NJ Clerkships, be sure to check the portal for openings:



Spring Semester 3L year

In PA each judge sets their own timeline for hiring a clerk.  Judges will often keep a clerk for longer than one year and then hire a new clerk when their current clerk leaves.  This means hiring often happens with a shorter turn around time than in other states.  Hiring in counties like Bucks and Lancaster generally begins around January.  Many of the Philadelphia judges hire in later spring or over the summer after graduation.  It is essential for interested 3Ls to have applications ready to submit on short notice. 


Spring and Summer before 3L year

DE Appellate open early spring semester the year before you would begin the clerkship.  DE trial courts recruit through OCI and job fairs the summer before 3L year.

All Other States

Varies – Check the Vermont Guide to State Judicial Clerkships.


Mid-June the year before graduation is the official start to federal clerkship hiring.  Students gain access to Oscar, the federal courts admission system in February so they can use the system to research judges and prepare their applications.