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Judicial Clerkships : Additional States

All the information you need in order to understand and apply for judicial clerkships.

Clerkship Hiring in Your State

Use these guides to get an overview of the hiring process in your state.  As with all jobs searches, the formal application process is supported by general outreach and relationship building. 

Ex: If you want to clerk in Ohio it is a good idea to join a local bar organization, begin researching Ohio judges and start connecting with current and former clerks on LinkedIn.  As always, keep CSO updated, so we can best support your search.

Be sure to check Symplicity for postings. You should also check the state court website and court hr portal in the state where you would like to clerk.



New York 


Rhode Island 

Washington DC




New York Supreme Court, Commercial Division - Commercial Division Law Clerk Positions

The New York Supreme Court (Trial Level), Commercial Division, is a specialized business court, with a defined jurisdiction focusing on business and commercial litigation. Upon establishing the Commercial Division, the court's hope was establish a court equipped to handle high-stakes and complex commercial and business litigation with consistency and predictability. For those students interest in a career in business law, the Commercial Division in New York is a great place for you to get a start.

While the Commercial Division is present in 10 courthouses around New York State, only New York County (Manhattan) offers the Commercial Division Law Clerk position. You can apply to these positions in one of two ways:

  1. Apply to job postings as they become available at (or navigate to this page by going to --> Current Job Opportunities --> Non-Competitive Jobs, View available jobs by County --> New York (Manhattan))
  2. Apply directly to Commercial Division judges by mail at any time. You can retrieve judges' addresses at