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Pennsylvania Administrative Law Research: PA Bulletin

This guide reviews the basic process of Pennsylvania administrative law research. It discusses the primary resources that are involved in Pennsylvania administrative law research, and provides a step-by-step guide to the process.

Pennsylvania Bulletin

As mentioned previously, every jurisdiction has an administrative register. It serves to provide the public with information about the activities of the jurisdiction’s executive branch and other branches.

The Pennsylvania Bulletin is Pennsylvania’s administrative register. It is published weekly. The Pennsylvania Bulletin publishes various types of information, including:

  • Final regulations from Pennsylvania state agencies
  • Proposed regulations from Pennsylvania state agencies
  • Notices issued by Pennsylvania state agencies
  • Governor's Proclamations and Executive Orders
  • Statewide and local court rules

The Pennsylvania Bulletin is available in a variety of formats, both electronic and print. The Commonwealth posts a free version of the Bulletin online at The archives on that site go back to 1996. The Web site allows users to browse the issues, or search the issues using various field search features. The Pennsylvania Bulletin is also available in Lexis.

The LRC has print copies of the Pennsylvania Bulletin available.

Electronic Versions of the Pennsylvania Bulletin

Print Version of the Pennsylvania Bulletin